Clearly by now if you follow this site you will have realized that I am not
consistent. I go through periods of consistency. Where the creative juices are
flowing and I channel them in the correct, productive way. In those periods I
can update content several times a week if I’m really on top of it. Then there
are long stretches of… nothing. That would be when I have too many balls in
there, and this one drops.

In the last handful of months I focused my energy on work and home. I
changed companies and started a new position, new schedule, new people, new
flow. That took a lot of adjusting to get used to. I also had to completely
reorganize my schedule at home, which meant a lot of puzzling things out. My
husband also started working again after a prolonged hiatus, thanks to the
pandemic, and there were some growing pains there as well. This month things
are slowly starting to even out again and a new rhythm is starting to emerge
out of all of the chaos that followed us through to the end of the year. Hopefully
that means I’m due for a period of consistency here.

I have done some writing here and there even though I haven’t shared
anything on here for a bit. For perspective, I started writing this post about
a week ago. Then my daughters had a very emotional evening and I had to step
away. Some days I just don’t have words in me, and even on days I do a lot of
the time I don’t have the space to get them out. I think this is why there’s so
much inconsistency in my presence here, my days are a lot of up and down.

Writing gives me the outlet I need when I need one, so I will keep coming back here when I have words to share. It just might take me a little while sometimes.

Published by MonicaCanSmile

Currently searching for my happy place while absorbing knowledge everywhere I go, taking pride in being a voracious reader and a prolific rambler, and spending my days teaching my daughters about words and value. Always trying to keep in mind, "Lesser People Have Done Harder Things..."

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