Saying Hello

Hi Everyone. Little Perceptions was created by me, Monica, as a place to share my writing. If you want to know why I decided to do that, check out my About page. For now, I’m going to give you an idea of what you can expect if you decide to follow along with me and this blog.

First of all, I am not a professional writer. I’m growing and learning all the time and this blog is a part of that growth. I write because I enjoy it and it gives me an outlet for creativity, stress release, and to work through emotional challenges. I’m blogging in the hopes that it will hold me more accountable for writing more. I could journal instead of blogging publicly, but no one is checking my journal and encouraging me to write more. Blogging publicly is also a good avenue for me because writing is a very personal experience for me and sharing that writing (outside of a classroom) is terrifying. It’s like letting someone into your head, it can take a lot of trust! Why then, you might wonder, am I choosing to share my writing on a platform that is available to strangers when trust is such a big deal? The simple answer is, I have to get over it. Poems and stories are meant to be shared. They’re a form of expression. I have to trust that somewhere in the sea of people out there, someone will be glad to have read what I’ve written. When I think of the things I’ve read, and what a story or a poem has meant for me or brought me, I feel like I have to share in case there is someone out there that will be brought something important from what I’ve written.

This blog will contain three different areas, maybe you’ll enjoy them all, or maybe one isn’t your cup of tea. Hopefully, there’s something for you here. The “blog” portion will be your average personal blog, featuring me and my life. Struggles, events, discoveries, etc. In addition to this there is a Poetry page and a Short Stories and Excerpts page. The Poetry page is pretty self explanatory- it will feature various poems. The Short Stories and Excerpts will obviously feature short stories. I’m not entirely sure that “excerpts” is the right word, but sometimes when I just need a creative outlet and I don’t have any specific idea or plan, I write what I guess you might call “scenes”. These are not full stories, there’s no build up or background. They just are. Sometimes a dialogue, an observation from a first or third point of view, entirely made up from nothing. Call them what you will, I’m sticking with excerpts for now.

I would love to connect with anyone that enjoys writing or reading. Side note- if you have a book club, you are welcome to try and recruit me. I have tried before and failed, but I am an avid reader and I am trying to do better this year. I’m on Goodreads, my goal is 100 books this year so, help me out. Hopefully I can keep up with the expectations I have set for myself by creating this space and next year I’ll have a site full of content to be shared. Subscribe if you’re curious to see if I succeed (or fail, I won’t judge).

Published by MonicaCanSmile

Currently searching for my happy place while absorbing knowledge everywhere I go, taking pride in being a voracious reader and a prolific rambler, and spending my days teaching my daughters about words and value. Always trying to keep in mind, "Lesser People Have Done Harder Things..."

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